Health & Safety


All road tankers are clearly marked as to UN standards according to the type of fuel carried.
All road tankers are equipped with the latest safety features, to safeguard against accidental fires during  transfers.
Fire extinguishers (of the correct type and size) are fitted on each road tankers.
All Road tankers are equipped with oil spillage equipment.
All road tankers are earthed to avoid static charges that could cause fires/explosions.
All road tankers are equipped with guards when working on top of tanker so that operators make use of fall  arrest belts.

All drivers handling the day-to-day operations are ADR certified, have the handling of dangerous goods Certificate.

Transfers of fuel are handled by experienced personal as drivers who are trained in dealing with spillages, fires and  prevention of contamination of the environment. Handlers have up to date first aid and fire fighting certificates. HSE  officers to ensure adherence to all HSE procedures, practices and standards, carry periodic HSE inspections. Refresher  courses are given on annual basis to all employees.